Corporate Recovery Retreat offers an outstanding program for treating drug and alcohol dependency, designed with the needs and expectations of corporate executives in mind.

While there are literally thousands of drug and alcohol treatment centers across the country, very few have taken the time and effort to develop a program that offers a level of service, discretion and support, combined with the amenities upper-level executives have come to expect.

Fewer still can provide these services in an environment that offers tranquility and comfort, as well as a unique variety of recreational opportunities, from golf to sport fishing, racquetball to yoga on the beach!

What can you expect to accomplish when you enroll in our treatment program? Perhaps the best way to explain this is to tell you a little about a few of the executives who have been through the treatment program at Corporate Recovery Retreat: *

BOB was a 38-year old chief information officer, with a wife, a seven-year old daughter, and a serious addiction. Due to a recurring back problem, Bob asked his doctor to prescribe medication to alleviate the pain. Soon, his need for the medication began to spiral out of control. Within months, Bob was seeing four different doctors, who all wrote prescriptions for Vicodin, Oxycontin and other painkillers.

Bob failed to show up at an industry conference, where he was to be a featured speaker. Both his boss and his wife were very concerned. Two days later, Bob called from a motel outside of town, where he’d crashed after binging on pain pills. He admitted he’d been abusing prescription medications for more than five months.

Bob spent 31 days in our program. That was in 2004. Today, Bob is successful in his career. He shows up to speak at conferences when asked. And he manages his back pain with physical therapy and acupuncture. His addictive tendencies are also under control. He’s been drug free since the day he entered our center.

JANET worked for a well-known advertising agency, where she managed several top national accounts. In addition to her legendary creativity, she was also known for being able to drink her male counterparts under the proverbial table. Seemingly immune to the effects of alcohol, in truth, Janet was simply a highly functioning alcoholic.

When she lost two of her biggest accounts to an unscrupulous competitor, Janet found herself drinking more often—and more heavily—than usual. Her work suffered.

The owner of the agency called Janet into his office. He suggested that Janet’s drinking was a problem, and that she needed help. In fact, arrangements had already been made for her to enter our program.

After she overcame her initial reluctance to admitting she had a problem, Janet found she actually enjoyed the “break” from the hectic pace of her work. Her self-esteem grew, and she frequently took advantage of our center’s amenities: yoga, beach meditations and barbeques on the sand.

Janet recently celebrated her third year of sobriety. Last year, she was promoted to the level of Partner at her agency.

MARTY had worked his way up the corporate ladder, starting as a sales rep and eventually becoming Director of Sales for North America for a major electronics manufacturer.

Marty had also kept a secret from everyone he worked with: his addiction to cocaine. Privately, he practically credited cocaine for his success, since it allowed him to stay focused on his work for long stretches of time.

Even though he found himself sweating every time he met his dealer, he convinced himself that his habit was under control. But that didn’t matter when, during a routine traffic stop, police found a fresh supply of cocaine in Marty’s jacket.

Thanks to an exemplary personnel record and a good lawyer, Marty was able to keep his job and avoid jail time, on the condition that he seek treatment. The manager of his company’s HR department directed him to our program.

Today, Marty doesn’t start to sweat when he sees a police car in his rear view mirror. He doesn’t need to. He hasn’t used cocaine for more than two years.

Marty still keeps in touch with his counselor, and credits Corporate Recovery Retreat for helping him overcome a decade-long coke habit.

*Our commitment to our client’s confidentiality means that the names and other identifying characteristics of the individuals profiled here have been changed*

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Corporate Recovery Retreat offers an outstanding program for treating drug and alcohol dependency.